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About HungaryVFR

HungaryVFR is a package covering Hungary with airports and landmark sceneries, with its own library.
The main goal is to bring as many airports and landmarks to Hungary as many we can, to have an authentic library for the area.

The team has added literally thousands of custom 3D models to the Hungarian scenery in MSFS, going well beyond the most familiar landmarks.
More than a dozen airports have been intervened, along with a wide variety of custom static and dynamic objects such as airplanes,
billboards, buses, construction sites, ships, sailboats, and much more.

This vast library of region-specific objects is available for other developers to use in their creations.


Please feel free to communicate with one another on HungaryVFR Shoutbox!
pvz: Köszönjük a készítőnek! Igérjük "visszaélünk" a lehetőséggel. :) Mar 3, 2023 14:39:28 GMT 1
pvz: Kedves HSG Tagok! Üdv az "ÚJ" fedélzeten Mindekinek. 8-) Mar 3, 2023 14:40:43 GMT 1
ekre: igazán nincs mit! Mar 3, 2023 14:45:20 GMT 1
csabee: benn... Mar 3, 2023 15:01:59 GMT 1
istvan: sziasztok én is bent 475 Mar 7, 2023 12:33:50 GMT 1
Roland Kovacs: Itten vagyok... :)) Mar 8, 2023 18:10:20 GMT 1
Albert: Hello, is HungaryVFR compatible with We Love VFR ? Jun 9, 2023 22:17:24 GMT 1
ekre: yes it is! Jun 16, 2023 9:04:04 GMT 1